Teaching Amanda-The gangbang part 2

It was a standard bathroom; cozy fluffy matt, blue and green tiles, a large combined shower and bath taking up the back wall next to a sizeable window. Next to the toilet were a sink and cabinet with products and soap laid around the taps. After I had peed, I wiped myself and noticed my pussy still swollen with arousal and just a little tender form its finger fuck. I flushed the toilet and stood in front of a large mirror over the sink and looked at myself. My face was flushed and I had a big grin pasted across my face. My eyeliner, although a little smudged still made me look sexy as hell as it made my green eyes stand out. I pulled my dress back down just so it was barely covering my ass again and I smiled as I re-covered my breasts with the flimsy material of my dress. My large 40E cup breasts were mostly visible and the sheer material did little to hide my swollen and erect nipples. The dress barely covered my round ass cheeks and my chubby tummy and curvy figure filled the dress well. I ran my fingers through my red wavy hair, attempting to create some kind of shape as it fell around my shoulders. Making sure I was clean and decent (as much as I could be given the situation) I left the bathroom, closed the door behind me and made my way to the back room and the waiting men. Graham, Phillip, Bob and Ned were all standing next the back window talking when I came in. They all had fresh glasses of wine and seemed distracted by whatever they were talking about. I looked back over to the couches and there was Jack and Steve, sitting on the same couch with a space in between them. Steve was holding up a glass for me. Both men were still naked and Steve was still quite hard, but jack’s thick 10inch cock was flaccid. Even in its soft state it looked amazing. I grinned and took a seat between them. Both seemed as shy as I was and as I sat down on the couch we were all very close. Jack had his arm around my shoulders and Steve turned to face me. We talked about how they both knew Graham and how they were really happy that he had found someone, especially since I was willing to be shared. Apparently Jack and Steve were both bisexual and had many group sex adventures, sharing many women between them. They had also experienced each other a few times. I was intrigued that they were both open about enjoying men and I was especially happy that Graham and the others accepted this. I was also very pleased they both enjoyed sharing women; this had recently become one of my biggest fantasies. We talked a little longer, their hands now exploring my body as the other men’s conversation died down. Fresh drinks appeared and the couches soon filled as things quieted down so the only sounds came from the ongoing sex on the TV. Jack turned me to face Steve while he kissed my neck. His teeth gently grazed my skin aand his thumbs grazed my nipples from behind. I could feel his semi-hard cock pressed firmly against my back and I was just a little excited as I realised we had became the main show. Graham, Phillip, Ned and Bob all sat watching intently. It was strange but I was so turned on to be the star of this little fuck show. Steve was stroking his cock in front of me, watching my nipples harden. Suddenly his hand reached forward and grasped my hair, slowly pulling my head down between his legs. “Suck my cock little whore, show me what you can do with that pretty mouth”, Steve said in a rough voice. His command turned me on more and my hungry mouth instantly dived forward to his cock. I kissed the flaccid head and my tongue snuck out to lick the length of his shaft. It was hot against my skin and his smooth cock slid easily into my mouth as I held his shaft with one hand. My other hand wrapped around his swollen ball sac. I couldn’t help moaning as his cock fit perfectly down my throat and my nose nuzzled in a small patch of dark pubic hair. I could feel Jack’s hand stroking my back and groping my ass as I knelt forward and then his hands lifted the bottom of my dress over my hips. My ass and cunt were now exposed as Steve’s hands grabbed at my head, pushing my mouth harder down on his cock. Although I was startled I happily obliged, gagging on his cock as he forced it further inside me. My moans grew louder and his cock stiffened in my mouth, I eagerly jerked his dick, taking a breath as I turned to smile at the other men. “Mmm, am I turning into a good cock hungry slut now?” I asked, basking in the attention I was getting, I loved the way these old men treated me. Graham couldn’t seem to keep the smile off his face and I was happy to see that he really was proud of me. “Oh yes baby, suck that cock like a good slut now. I think Jack’s going to really teach your fat cunt what it’s like to be a whore.” Graham’s thick cock was now in his hand as he spoke to me. I grinned and my head was roughly pulled back to Steve’s cock, my hungry mouth drooling as I resumed my sucking. I could feel Jack stroking my dripping pussy again. His big hands were running all over my ass, spreading my pussy lips and squeezing my open holes. It felt great to have a thick cock filling my mouth, knowing a much bigger cock was getting ready to use my pussy. I continued to work on Steve’s cock like a whore as jack knelt on the couch behind me. His long cock was pushing against my bare lips, teasing us both when I felt Steve’s cock spasm in my mouth, surprising me with a gob full of hot sperm. It tasted salty and thick as I tried to swallow as much of it as I could, some leaking out and dribbling down my chin and chest. The other men clapped and cheered as Steve stood grinning, still rubbing his cock around my mouth and face. As he left the couch, I began to grind my pussy along jack’s cock, moaning as he gruffly held my ass cheeks open, pushing me into position to be fucked. I held onto the arm of the couch, aching for his cock to slam inside of me. “Mmm please fuck me, fuck me like a whore in front of all theses old men,” I moaned as I looked over at Graham, who was now furiously wanking as he watched. I barely noticed Ned stand and walk in front of me as I felt Jack’s cock suddenly pop into the entrance of my cunt and slowly slide deep inside me as I adjusted to the size of his throbbing member. I gasped, my eyes were closed and I felt the thick dick fill my womb. It was pushing deeper than I had ever had a cock before and I moaned louder as I felt another cock head rubbing against my mouth. I opened my eyes to see Ned push his dick in my mouth, his hands firmly on my shoulders as he pushed me back, further on to Jack’s cock. The pleasure was so intense I could hardly stand it and I began to push myself back and forth on Jack’s cock. As my mouth sucked harder and faster on Ned’s cock I began to feel an intense orgasm building up deep inside my womb. I could hear the other men murmuring encouragement and everyone’s breathing was getting heavier as I fucked the two cocks like I was on a skewer. I tasted Ned’s pre-cum in my mouth and instantly felt my cunt explode in ecstasy. As I came my entire body shuddered on Jack’s cock, squeezing and milking him for all I was worth. The sudden explosion of my orgasm must have triggered theirs’ because I was simultaneously pumped full of cum. My mouth filled with thick salty liquid once again and, unable to swallow it all, more dribbled out soaking my chest. My pussy ached as Jack continued to pump his sperm inside me and his twitching cock grew flaccid as the two men’s moans filled the room. Once he was empty he pulled out and some of his jiz dribbled out of my well used cunt as he withdrew his cock. He came around and stood in front of me with Ned, both men helping me up so that they could kiss me. Big smiles were on all our faces. I was glad when Graham came over and suggested I take a shower with him and I giggled as I noticed a glob of cum nestled in his chest hair. We went down to the bathroom where Ned undressed me as graham turned on the shower. I was happy that he offered to wash my dress before we left; it was now covered in quite a bit of sperm. Graham washed me and I hugged and kissed him happily just as a thought occurred to me. “Umm… Graham?” I said. “Mmm, yes Amanda my dear?” he asked as he rinsed me off. “Well Jack…he came inside me and I’m not on the pill or anything,” I spoke quickly; slightly panicked that Graham would be mad at me. Once again I was pleasantly surprised as he chuckled and said, “Jack is infertile sweetie, that’s why he was the only one to fuck you tonight. I was hoping to ask you about the pill though, if you would consider it”. I was gob-smacked that graham had put so much thought into tonight and I kissed him happily. Of course I would go on the pill! If it meant more nights like tonight and being able to feel other cocks in my pussy I was happy to oblige. I knew I was turning into Graham’s little whore and I loved it. It didn’t seem bad to share myself with these men and the more I thought about it I knew I would do whatever and fuck whoever Graham wanted me to. 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